Full Cave Diver



SSI Full Cave Diving allows complex navigation as you learn how to traverse, jump, tee and gap within a cave system. You will learn even more about a lost line, lost light, gas sharing and lost diver procedure. The Full Cave Diving program is the highest level overhead environment program, providing all the tools needed to be a true explorer! You will earn the SSI Full Cave Diving certification after completing this program.



Minimum Age: 18
Certification Prerequisites: Diver Stress & Rescue, Cave Diving, AOWD
75 logged dives (refer to current SSI Training Standards)
Academic Sessions: 1
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: Optional
Open Water Dives: 6
Maximum Training Depth: Varies
Suggested Duration: 20 hours
Specialized Equipment: See current SSI Training Standards
Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information